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Friends Only.

My journal is now, and will forever be, Friends Only. If you, for some reason, decided I seemed interesting enough to friend, please comment here, and let me know. I will check you out, and add you back (I add probably 90% of people).

Keep in mind, I'm not a huge commenter - except for those people who I've really gotten to know. So if I don't comment a lot, no worries. I'll be reading.

I do have friends filters. I would say about 75% of my friends are on my main filter. However, most of my posts go to all friends, no filter. The filters are in place for my own peace of mind, and sanity. Just a little FYI for y'all.

I think that's it! So! Have fun!

Here Goes.

You have something you want to say? Fucking say it.

Right here. Right now. Don't be a pussy and e-mail me. Comment. For the world to see.

I'm tired of the highschool drama. I'm tired of the bullshit. People need to GROW THE FUCK UP.

That is all.



Honestly. I always feel guilty about doing these sorts of things, then I realize that it is my journal. I don't need to feel guilty about anything.

Then, 2 seconds later, I feel guilty.

Nonetheless, I have made a small Flist cut. Either I don't read you, we've lost track, or we never talk. And really, this is not fair to either of us.

I'm sorry if you're upset. But I'm trying to cut down on my flist for the future. Call it a spring cleaning, of sorts. :x

I removed around 12-13 people. If you find you're no longer on my flist, again. I'm sorry.

Thank you.



20 Random Facts About Michael Corner

This is foriulia_linnea's Random Facts Meme! Gotta love Michael.

Title: 20 Random Facts About Michael Corner
Author: thatzookid
Character: Michael Corner (minor character)
Rating: R (for some sexual randoms)
Word Count: 495
Disclaimer: I don't own HP, Michael Corner, or anything of the HP Universe. JK Rowling owns your soul. That is all

1. Michael grew up in a happy home with his wizard Father, Daniel Michael Corner, and his mother Lillian. Daniel didn't tell Lillian he was a wizard until after they were married. She threw a wine goblet at him, but quickly came to realize two things: 1) She loved him with all her heart; and 2) Having a wizard as a husband could be beneficial.

She no longer does the housework by hand.

2. Michael's first instance of magic was when he was 5. He made his sandbox levitate....with him inside it.

3. His mother refused to talk to Daniel for a week after that. She could handle a magical husband, but not a magical child.

4. Lillian finally came to accept the fact that she had a magical son, and became the best Muggle mother a young wizard could have. She encouraged him at every possible second.

5. The story goes that she was even more excited about Michael's Hogwarts letter than either Daniel or Michael

Michael doesn't believe it.

6. Daniel attended Hogwarts, and was in Ravenclaw. He prayed every night that his son would be sorted into Ravenclaw as well. He felt that it would strengthen their bond even more.

7. Michael, at first, didn't want to be in Ravenclaw. He wanted to be different from his dad - plus, Gryffindor was considered the best. He wanted to be a part of that. He wasn't too pleased when he was sorted into Ravenclaw, but a soon as that Patil sister was sorted...

8. Michael has loved every minute of Ravenclaw.

9. Lillian sends him a care package every week. It includes sweets, home cooked food (he still can't convince her that they feed him well at Hogwarts), and a letter to let him know how things are going at home.

10. In his 2nd year at Hogwarts, he recieved a letter telling him they were expecting a new baby sister.

11. That was the worst day in his life.

12. Michael seems to be the randiest student at Hogwarts.

He masturbates 4 times a day.

13. He dated Ginny Weasley, briefly. She dumped him the day before he was going to dump her.

She wouldn't give him sex.

14. He dated (briefly), and lost his virginity to, Cho Chang. It only made his sex drive go up infinitely.

15. His favorite subject is Charms. He's exceptionally good at it, as well.

16. He joined the DA with that Potter kid in his 5th year. He detests the Dark Arts, and wants nothing more than to destroy them.

17. When he leaves Hogwarts, he will be going into Auror training.

18. Every once in a while, he finds himself fantasizing about Terry Boot.

19. He has a school-boy crush on Padma Patil. He wishes she felt the same way.

20. He can't fly all too well - he's just not that steady on a broom.

He envies Potter for his flying abilities.